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The versatility of Porta cabins as prefabricated site offices

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Porta cabin for sales in Bangalore
Porta cabin for sales in Bangalore

Even if the change is the only constant, some things remain the same from one year to the next. Since the workforce continues to grow, additional officials will always be needed. Building a new office takes time, energy, and money, but if more space is needed, it must be done. Mobile offices were developed to reduce overhead costs for businesses.

For decades, modular buildings have been used in a variety of fields as offices. Personnel relocation is especially common in services requiring frequent relocations. A mobile online office is consistently preferred by these businesses over a stationary one. The reason for this should be obvious. In terms of price, they benefit, and their needs are met. Every project site would be economically unfeasible to establish a permanent office.

You can use porta cabins as prefab offices on site

Plorta cabins  for sales in Bengaluru, India
Plorta cabins for sales in Bengaluru, India

It is possible to use a mobile office for more than one purpose. These can also be used as temporary vacation homes. Many companies use these rooms as temporary housing for their employees. It is common for workers to spend several hours in transit to reach the project site from the nearest major city. It is always helpful to have a place to stay temporarily during these times. There are several notable characteristics of these movable cottages, including:

Covered sandwich panels on the walls of mobile office cabins provide superior heat insulation. By reflecting outdoor heat into the area, these panels maintain a constant temperature. You'll be able to work in a pleasant environment as a result. Porta cabins can be moved from one location to another. They can either be hauled in one piece by a truck or disassembled and brought in several pieces, depending on their size. After reaching the new location, these cabins can be easily reassembled. Only the panels and framework parts need to be joined.

Porta cabins are popular in the Indian Market due to their lower price and easily transportable

Porta cabin for sale in India
Porta cabin for sale in India

Because porta cabins are cheap, they are a competitive option. The structure is constructed elsewhere and then transported to its final resting place.

As a result, mobile offices are an excellent alternative to static locations. Additionally, they can be used as living quarters, dining halls, diagnostic laboratories, and more. Portable cabins have another advantage in that permanent construction is not always necessary.

SAMAN provides temporary workplace solutions in India. The structural components as well as the wall and roof panels are all made in-house.

Parts are shipped to the site, where they are installed and arranged. In business for 10 years, we have offices all over the country.

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