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Porta Potty Hygiene: Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Portable Toilets

Picture this.

We’ve all been there!

You’re at a parade, outdoor concert, festival, or State Fair and then….it happens.

That last spin on the Ferris Wheel paired with that extra-large lemonade you just drank is letting you know that you need to find a potty and fast! So you walk around frantically searching for one of those big portable plastic boxes when FINALLY you see one!

So, after walking all that way you notice the LONGGG line and wait patiently for your turn trying desperately not to do the potty dance before you get there and when you finally do, the potty is SO disgusting making a simple experience miserable and horrifying.

So, when renting a portable chemical toilet how can you make sure that this common experience of using a “porta-potty” is a pleasant one so that the customer is satisfied with the experience and not petrified at its un-cleanliness and odor.

We’re so glad you asked!

Here’s how you can make the experience better for everyone involved (including the clean up crew)!

Types of Portable Chemical Toilets

The cleanliness process begins by purchasing or renting the best type of portable toilet with your specific purpose in mind.

The most common type of portable toilet is the chemical toilet which uses strong-smelling chemicals to mask the odor and break down bacteria of the collected waste.

If you ever dissected anything in high school biology class then you were being exposed to the same chemicals used in portable bathrooms. Crazy right?

If you prefer not to use chemicals for your event then consider one of these alternatives. Types such as urine-diversion dehydration toilets, freezing toilets, incineration toilets, and composting toilets.

However, if your desire is to have a high-quality infrastructure and the cleanest possible facility the best option is to purchase or rent a portable toilet that can be hooked up to a functioning plumbing system.

These types of portable potties last longer than average chemically-based toilets and are as close as you can possibly get to having a comfortable indoor bathroom outside!

They are excellent options for camping or construction sites where the potty is needed for extended periods of time.

How to Clean a Portable Bathroom

Locations such as construction sites, camping sites, week-long festivals or fairs need a little extra care when it comes to portable bathroom cleanliness and there is an easy system you can follow in order to achieve this.

Wipe Down ALL Surfaces That Have Had Human Contact

Much like cleaning your own personal bathroom it is very important to wipe down all surfaces daily in the portable bathroom. Surfaces such as the soap dispenser, toilet seat door handles, and even floor hold bacteria from the number of people touching it.

Make sure to use a disinfectant like Clorox wipes, cleaning spray, or Lysol cleaner.

Replenish Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer or Soap

Replenishing materials daily is essential to making sure that your customers’ experience is a good one. If it is a large event make sure someone on your crew is responsible for keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper and soap. No one likes to use the restroom only to realize there is no toilet paper.

Disinfect Area With Fe-breeze Lysol Spray

Germs are very sticky and will hang around and multiply if not disinfected properly. It is extremely important for the safety of your customers to disinfect the area not only using wipes but also spraying germ killers into the air like Lysol.

Also, add chemicals to the toilet if possible.

How to Empty Your Portable Toilet

This point is mainly for those people who have bought a type of portable toilet for camping and it is theirs personally! If you are a person who camps quite often it can be very cost-effective to purchase a small personal portable toilet.

All cleaning points still apply but it’s important to follow protocols when owning your own personal portable chemical toilet.

First, it’s very important to know what type of toilet you have and how to properly operate it.

Have you ever accidentally pulled the latch on a household item like a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal? Well, imagine if that was you and your family’s waste.


So to avoid any accidental spills practice pulling out the cassette and disassembling your toilet why it is empty. That way when it is filled with waste you’ll know exactly how to handle it!

Don’t be the guy who refuses to read the instruction manual because this time you’ll definitely regret it!

Second, search out the disposal sight before using your toilet! Most campgrounds have one but make sure you ask and see the sight first just to be on the safe side.

Third, empty your toilet and set it back up. It is very important to rinse out your toilet as well because simply dumping it out still leaves some germs behind and it very important to AVOID growing germs in your portable potty.

Messy Business With a Clean Result

Purchasing a portable chemical toilet and keeping it clean and sanitary may not be the most glamorous task to take on but it truly is worth it to make your event or gathering a success.

A clean portable bathroom suggests that your event is clean and classy and will avoid negative comments or press!

Imagine the great positive responses you would receive from simply have nice smelling portable bathrooms. Every positive comment helps when trying to make an event a success.

As stated above everyone has been in a position where they had to use a portable potty and looking back on it I can’t remember one that wasn’t absolutely filthy. However, you have the opportunity to stop this pattern!

The nastiness stops when you get serious and do your research, select the best potty for your event, and keep it clean.

Who would’ve thought that a portable chemical toilet could make such an impact?!

Happy toilet scrubbing…and disinfecting! Always remember to disinfect!

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