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Need a Temporary Space? Selecting a Porta Cabin Manufacturer and Supplier

Tiny houses are the latest trend in minimalist living. They’re attractive and portable enough to use in the remotest of places. But because the houses are tiny doesn’t mean they’re cheap. A pre-made little house can cost upwards of $60,000. Luckily, there is a solution: the porta cabin.

Porta cabins are a housing solution used for both business and residential purposes. They cost a fraction of the cost of tiny houses, and come with tons of practical benefits.

If you want to learn more about porta cabins and find a provider you can trust, then you came to the right place. Let’s take a look!

What is a Porta Cabin?

A porta cabin is a temporary building structure that is weather-proof and highly portable. The early versions of these buildings were shipping containers repurposed for living conditions.

Yet, as people began spending more time in them, they gradually made improvements. Today’s portable cabins are scalable — you can stack up to three on top of each other for multiple floors.

There are also a lot of different styles, colors, and sizes you can choose.

Some porta cabins feature a minimal design — a door and a window. Others are full-blown homes with working kitchens, electricity, and plumbing.

Whether people use them for residential or business purposes, these buildings are infinitely customizable.

The History of Porta Cabins

The early prototype of the porta cabin was first used in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. The steel-huts cabins were used on construction sites and could keep the management safe and dry while they discussed building plans.

However, porta cabins began taking off in the 1990s — particularly in India and Pakistan. When construction companies started using computers on-site, they needed a weather-proof solution for keeping them safe.

But there was a problem: early porta cabins weren’t precisely comfortable — especially in extreme heat. So, companies began making improvements to make them more habitable.

This process opened up a whole new line of usage that continues today.

Porta Cabins Usage

One of the most popular uses of porta cabins is temporary habitation in extreme environments. Take, for example, this oil contract team that had a 300-day project in the middle of the desert.

The desert is one of the least habitable places in the world. Extreme heat, cold nights, and sandstorms are a nightmare for workers and equipment alike.

But with porta cabins, the company was able to provide sleeping and mess facilities with air conditioning, electricity, and plumbing.

Talk about an oasis!

However, the uses of temporary buildings are not only for construction and power companies. The portable design fits the needs of clinics and classroom programs that need to move around frequently.

These programs can bring medicine and education to places where permanent construction isn’t an option.

Porta cabins also help people who can’t afford the high price of homes and apartments. Because the buildings are affordable, they can provide shelter for people who might otherwise be homeless.

For example, in Oakland, California, the government utilizes porta cabins to provide a temporary housing solution. The program has been so successful that they’ve just opened up their fifth building site.

Some people also use buildings for resorts, restaurants, shops, farmhouses, storage, and modern residential design.

Benefits of a Porta Cabin

Now that we know some of the ways people use porta cabins let’s explore their benefits. The two most prominent benefits are the building’s portability and low cost.

You can set up and transport these buildings in some of the most remote locations in the world. Then, you can easily disassemble them and move on to a new location.

And you won’t break the bank doing it. Since you don’t need to hire a whole building crew to make one, the cost becomes significantly reduced.

Porta cabins are durable. Most of the manufacturers make the homes out of steel, which resists corrosion and inclement weather.

So, when you purchase a porta cabin, you know it will last a long time. This feature makes them popular in areas like India and Pakistan that require frequent transport on tough roads.

You also never have to worry about pests getting into your buildings. Because companies make the homes out of steel, they resist bugs like termites, which can wreck the foundation of any home.

These types of portable buildings are much better for the environment. Since they are temporary, you do not alter the landscape when you make them.

As such, you save resources and reduce the impact on the surrounding wildlife. You also aren’t contributing to the heavy industrial-use chain that accompanies most home production.

The customizable nature of these homes will appeal to a lot of buyers. You can always start small — with one or two cabins — and add later. The different floors and rooms you add on make each configuration unique.

If you want a quick guide for deciding whether or not a porta cabin fits your housing needs, then check out our article here.

Selecting a Porta Cabin Provider

If you decided that a porta cabin fits your housing needs, then you’re eager to start the ordering process.

But how do you select a manufacturer you can trust? You need to make sure you choose a company that provides a dependable product and delivers it safely.

SAMAN should be your go-to choice when it comes to porta cabins. For one thing, our company puts the environment first.

Our manufacturing process ensures a minimal amount of construction waste. We use eco-friendly building material.

But, we also offer different designs for every type of need. Here are just some of the porta cabins types we offer:

  1. Portable office cabin

  2. Portable bunkhouse

  3. Portable houses and apartments

  4. Portable restaurants and hotels

  5. Portable training and conference rooms

  6. Portable clinics and labs

  7. Portable shops and storing containers

  8. Portable labor colony

  9. Portable toilet and security cabins

If you see something that fits your needs, then make sure to check out our porta cabin page and get a quote today.

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