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7 Advantages of Using a Portable Cabin on Your Worksite

You can establish a worksite control center quickly and easily by making use of a portable cabin. 

When someone mentions a portable cabin, you may think of storage space or container homes. However, a growing number of construction companies are using portable containers as an office cabin for project sites. Even government agencies make use of highly beneficial, portable cabins. 

You don’t need a foundation for a temporary office building. Therefore, they’re easily movable. Because they’re movable, a container office is the go-to solution for many construction site planners. 

The following are seven more advantages of using a portable cabin for your next worksite office. 

1. A Container Office On-Demand

It takes time to build a standard worksite office. Usually, it takes eight to 20 weeks to build a modular office. By purchasing or leasing a prebuilt modular unit, you can cut that time in half. 

It’s not the construction of portable office buildings that eats up time. Typically, it’s acquiring permits and licensing that make the project lengthy. 

It takes 30 to 60 percent less time to erect a portable cabin on a construction site. By doing so, you can save time and money and focus your energy on your build. 

2. Portable Cabins Are Cost-Effective

Everything that goes into managing and executing your project creates additional costs. It’s the construction manager’s job to watch out for cost overflows. 

Pre-construction costs can ruin a construction project before it begins. As a construction manager, you’ll have to monitor and regulate expenses, such as licensing and permits, preparing the building site, and labor fees. 

It’s your responsibility to reign in the budget. Accordingly, it makes sense to invest in things that will eventually pay for themselves. It takes fewer workers and resources to erect a portable cabin for your worksite office. 

3. Portable Cabins Are Sustainable

Portability is the most significant advantage in using shipping containers for office construction compared to traditional brick-and-mortar builds. It may seem sensible to build a traditional office. 

After all, you have plenty of access to construction materials and workers. Also, you’re already in the business of building permanent structures. 

However, when you finish the project, the office needs to go. Doesn’t it make sense to reuse that space or repurpose it for the next worksite project? You can transfer a portable cabin to your next worksite quickly without excessive labor and cost. 

4. Portable Cabins Are Flexible

Portable cabins come in many shapes and sizes. You can use them for many purposes, such as an office, security booth, or construction worker bunkhouse. Some construction companies even use them to build container homes. 

Portable cabin offices make use of many materials. These materials vary in cost and durability and can include: 

  1. Fiberglass

  2. Plastic

  3. Plywood

  4. Windowpanes

  5. Other materials 

This combination of materials makes portable cabins more attractive, functional, and secure. You can customize them to any specifications that you desire. 

It’s important to remember that the more features you add, the more your office cabin will cost. Make sure only to add the features that you need. Unneeded creature comforts can make your office too costly. 

5. Office Cabins Last for the Long-Haul

A portable cabin can last up to 50 years, with the right maintenance. You may need to reinstall the electrical and plumbing systems every 25 years. 

Portable cabins meet the same quality and functional standards as brick-and-mortar buildings. In each municipality, you must follow the zoning laws mandated by lawmakers for other structures. It wouldn’t look good if officials delay your project because the worksite office couldn’t pass inspection. 

Portable containers are extra tough. Manufacturers build them to travel on truck beds. Accordingly, they pay particular attention to the strength of the structures so that they can withstand wind and inclement weather. 

6. Portable Offices Have Many Uses

Decision-makers across a wide range of fields and industries make use of portable containers for workspaces. They serve as a convenient and affordable temporary office building. For example, decision-makers use portable containers in industries such as: 

  1. Chemical manufacturing

  2. Construction

  3. Education

  4. Gas refineries

  5. Government

  6. Healthcare

  7. Hospitality

  8. Industrial settings

  9. Oil refineries 

For example, most enterprises can’t shut down during construction. A temporary structure is an excellent solution to keep a business going until the construction project is finished. 

7. Container Offices Are Customizable

Most mobile offices feature amenities such as lighting, windows, flooring, and HVAC systems. Planners consider other amenities add-ons. Add-ons equal extra costs. 

For example, you may need metal steps that lead up to the entrance. Metal steps can cost $20 to $50 to install. 

You may also want skirting to go around the bottom of the portable container. The cost of metal skirting depends on the square footage of your container. This feature can cost $500 to $800 to install. 

A prebuilt portable office container typically includes a bathroom as a standard feature. However, you’ll still need to connect utilities, such as electricity, water and internet service. 

Setup Your Next Project up for Success

There are many benefits of leasing or buying a portable cabin for your next worksite office. Construction managers are taking a valuable lesson from residential construction companies that build container homes. For example, you’ll secure extra storage and the space that you need to work comfortably and effectively. 

You can use a container to build an environmentally friendly, cost-effective office cabin. A container office is ideal for your next worksite management space.

As a site manager, you’re accountable for the success or failure of a project. Make sure that your next project succeeds by partnering with a company that has your best interest in mind.

You can count on fair pricing and the benefit of our industry experience. A temporary office building is a great way to cut construction site costs. Contact our experts today for a fast, free quote on a portable cabin office for your next construction project.

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