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5 Sleek Shipping Container Office Ideas

It’s true what they say about the future; you can never truly expect what’ll happen. If you’d told fishermen on the docks at the turn of the century that one-day people would work inside shipping containers, they’d have laughed in your face.

But a shipping container office is absolutely the new thing. Shipping containers provide a blank canvas and a whole lot of space to make your office dreams come true.

But many who like the sound of a shipping container office simply don’t know how to make it a reality.

That’s where we come in. Here at Saman Portable, we’ve highlighted 5 sleek and desirable shipping container office ideas to get you brainstorming.

1. Shipping Container Office: Don’t Settle For One Room.

Shipping containers are being used today for all manner of offices as well as boutique urban restaurants and even shipping container homes. But many locations seem to think using just one container is enough. We’re here to tell you that oftentimes more is more!

Thanks to their uniformity, shipping containers are perfect for stacking on top of each other or slotting side-by-side. Because of this, if you purchase a few for conversion, you could create a whole office complex out of containers.

Maybe you can have your sales team on the second floor, with a reception and administrative staff working below. Or, segment smaller containers into premium offices for your management staff.

There are plenty of ways to connect these spaces also. You could have a stairway outside the container or one that goes up through the center of two containers. The beauty of shipping containers lies in just how experimental you can be.

2. Need Your Office To Move Around? No Problem!

Shipping containers have literally been designed for transportation purposes. They are, therefore, lightweight as well as spacious.

In today’s business environment, many businesses in industries such as entertainment, mining, construction, and more, find themselves needing to move around a lot. Some businesses use mobile units for these purposes, but we’re here to tell you that shipping container offices are a better solution.

You can factor the transport of a shipping container office into its design. Some can have a foldable design, whilst any good container office is lightweight enough to be easily transportable.

As long as you’ve designed the interior of your office to be transportable (no breakable mugs!), then moving around will be a breeze. You can provide way more space for your employees and the freedom to operate from anywhere in the world as long as you can get there.

3. You Don’t Have To Play By The Rules.

When it comes to designing your shipping container office, you don’t have to conform to typical office design.

Though they often the same shape and size, that doesn’t mean you have to simply stack your containers uniformly for your office. Many designs incorporated extravagant structures, with suspended floors or walk-in lower levels. Not only is the placement highly customizable, but you can also design the exterior of your office any way you see fit.

If you’re a start-up design company, maybe display some of your artist’s work on your container walls via spray paint. Or, if you’re a construction company, have your logo emblazoned for all to see.

With a shipping container office, you need to embrace freedom. Unlike a brick building, a container office can become anything you want it to be, at an affordable cost. The limit is only with your own imagination.

4. Play Around With Doorways And Windows.

When it comes to ordinary office space, you’ll find windows and doors in typical places. But with storage container offices, the design is considerably more flexible.

You could install a sweeping double-door entranceway into the customer services section of your office location. Or, you could have a back-door system that can connect all of your employees together comfortably.

When it comes to shipping containers, some people picture them as dark and gloomy places. This isn’t the case with the right kind of lighting and window installation.

Consider a fully open plan window design for your third story; this could provide your employees with spectacular views of wherever you’re stationed. Or, if you require more privacy, you don’t need windows installed in certain locations at all.

This customizability to the window and door design simply isn’t possible with more conventional office space. You are able to create walkways and lighting that wouldn’t be possible ordinarily without brining a construction team in.

5. What About A Balcony?

Not only do shipping containers prove to be viable enclosed spaces, with the right placement, you can install a balcony above one of your containers.

This could be an elaborate smoking or relaxation area for a shipping container that isn’t going to be moved around much. Or, if you’re transporting your container, you can have it designed so that this balcony can be easily removed and reinstalled.

Your employees will benefit from not only having exciting interior office design, but a location to experience the outside world. This ability to have both interior and exterior design sets shipping containers apart from regular office spaces.

Some shipping container designs might also include exterior seating areas for full staff meetings, or other fixtures. It’s all about experimenting with what will be right for your team and your business.

Where Can I Get A Shipping Container Office?

If you’re interested in purchasing a shipping container office, look no further than Saman Portable.

We offer comprehensive and customizable shipping container offices as well as numerous other prefab building designs that are perfect for businesses on the go. Our containers and porta cabins are always designed with the customer in mind, so you can really envision and have made the perfect shipping container office for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re committed to recycling unused containers to create the next generation of office space today.

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